Controversial Apex Legends ‘Report Cheater’ Feature Has Gamers Debating

Controversial Apex Legends ‘Report Cheater’ Feature Has Gamers Debating

A controversial new Apex Legends stats tracker site, has left some gamers debating whether it should be permitted or not. ApexTab , An Apex Legends Stats Tracker currently offers advanced player stats, leaderboards by platform (PC, Xbox, PS4), as well as a Apex Legends stream widget, but these features aren’t what has gamers talking. It’s the “Report Cheater” option. This site feature allows a player to report Apex Legends players who are allegedly cheaters, DDoSer, boosted, and/or glitchers.

The process is a bit convoluted, but once reported ApexTab will open an investigation, and if the players is found guilty, will have their stats removed from the leaderboards, and have their profiled label a cheater.

Apex Legends

At the rate that the site is growing, ApexTab feels poised to become everyone’s go-to stat resource for Apex Legends.

Among the top class of Apex gamers, the leaderboards are great for bragging between players, but currently only shows players who’ve used the site, so it’s not yet a perfect picture of all players, but should be soon.

Apex Legends Stream Widget
Screenshot of the Apex Legends Stream Widget in Action

The site also offers an Apex Legends Stream Widget

This stream widget seams to be quickly gaining steam among twitch streamers. It currently works with OBS, SplitX or Streamlabs.

Here’s a little more info from the site:

Important: This streaming widget will count your kills from the beginning of the stream to the end of it. To reset the kill count, simply restart your streaming app.

Important: You must set your tracker to kills on the legends you’ll play on in order for the widget to count your kills.

Important: Kills are counted at the end of each match automatically.
Note: The rotation in the frame above is just a DEMO to show you how does it switch legends while you’re playing live.

Apex Legends

The site also has a Discord bot that can be installed on any server to look up a player’s profile with a simple chat command. The hard work and dedication to the project and diligent pace has made ApexTab feel like the natural place for player stats tracking in Apex Legends in a very short time.

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