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13/03/2019 3:36 pm  

Me and my random squad mate were one of the several teams left in the match, and guess what? I left he area which i checked less than 10 second ago and some guy with speed hack shot me from the back and rushed to me with his "super human" speed without breaking a sweat. He downed me and my team less than 30 seconds. Then i decided to watch him play the rest of the game cheating like a god, cough cough. His teammate might also be cheating, and might be from China as his name DouYu = 斗鱼 chinese streaming platform.

Profile :

Video :

Teammate might be hacking too

R5Apex 2019 03 14 03 18 54 901
R5Apex 2019 03 14 03 18 38 266
R5Apex 2019 03 14 03 18 22 187

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